About Me


I live in Richmond, British Columbia with my adorable husband Matthew.  He built me a fantastic hobby space in our new townhouse and now I can craft to my heart’s content with plenty of room to spread out!  (Just as long as my stuff doesn’t encroach into his photography area, he’s happy too!)
My mom got me started in the world of rubber stamping.  1 birthday about 15 years ago, she was really excited to give me my present.  I opened up a package of rubber stamps, inks, and a book on the subject, and I was sorta stunned about why she thought I’d like it so much.  I’d never even heard of rubber stamping before!  But I took on the challenge, and the rest is history.  I feel like I’ve got to play with all my goodies on a daily basis or I’m not complete.  I will try stamping on anything I can get my hands on.  They don’t call me “Crafty Girl” for nothing!








About Me